EPF Members’ Investment Scheme

Why Should You Invest with the EPF i-Invest?

Lower Sales Charge

As the EPF i-Invest facility is an online, self-service function, you can expect lower sales charge when you invest in any of our funds.


It's just as simple as regular internet banking.

Trusted & Approved Funds

Only EPF-approved funds are offered on the EPF i-Invest platform.


Your eligible EPF savings can be used to diversify your retirement portfolio through our award-winning unit trust funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members may transfer up to 30% of his/her savings in excess of Basic Savings in EPF Account 1 for investments for members up to 55 years of age. For members who are 55 years old and above, you may still invest provided you have savings in your EPF Akaun 55 (Akaun Emas).

You can also perform switching and redemption transactions.

Sales charge for investments through i-Invest will be reduced from 0.5% to 0% of the Net Asset Value per unit, effective from 1 May 2020 until 30 April 2021.