OnePRS by Kenanga

How PRS benefits you

Whether you’re looking to save for retirement or even just starting out on your first job, PRS is an extra layer of savings for your financial health.

As an employer

I. Benefit management

PRS enables you to have your existing or new retirement benefit program to be professionally managed by experienced fund managers therefore giving you ease of administration whilst still maintaining control of the entire retirement program.

II. Cost savings

Using PRS as your own retirement benefit program may cut down on unnecessary administrative resources which helps you to become more cost efficient.

III. Productivity booster

PRS empowers employees to determine their own financial well-being which gives them a sense of security and job satisfaction which ultimately enhances their productivity.

As an employee

PRS allows you to better plan for your retirement as an additional form of savings to complement your existing retirement savings and also offers personal tax relief of up to RM3,000 per year.

As a self-employed individual

PRS complements your existing retirement savings and lets you enjoy personal tax relief.

What is OnePRS by Kenanga?

Save now for your retirement with OnePRS by Kenanga

Kenanga Investors’ voluntary private retirement scheme complements the existing mandatory retirement savings scheme and other retirement savings. It is available in both conventional and Syariah options. By providing a choice of funds with different risk and return policies to meet your needs, OnePRS by Kenanga encourages you to save now for your future.

Add colours to your retirement with OnePRS by Kenanga.

OnePRS Facts