External Fund Manager


The Manager has delegated the investment management functions for the Fund to Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad (“KIIB”), an Islamic fund management company. KIIB shall manage, realise, invest, reinvest or deal with the Fund according to the objective of the Fund and requirements of the Shariah. KIIB will at all times act with bona fides and in the best interests and for the benefit of the Fund and shall ensure that all investment transactions will be effected in accordance with the objective of the Fund and requirements of the Shariah. 

KIIB was incorporated as a public company in 1997 under the Companies Act 1965 (now known as the Companies Act 2016) as Kenanga Unit Trust Berhad (“KUTB”) to solely conduct a unit trust business in Malaysia. In 2009, pursuant to the rationalization and re-organization of the asset and unit trust management businesses of the K & N Kenanga Holdings Berhad group of companies (“Kenanga Group”), the business and assets of Kenanga Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“KAM”) a fund management company within the Kenanga Group was transferred to KUTB. KUTB subsequently applied for and was licensed as a fund manager under the CMSA. KUTB was renamed as Kenanga Fund Management Berhad (“KFMB”) following the completion of the rationalization and re-organization exercise. In November 2010, KFMB transferred its business and employees to Kenanga Investors Berhad and subsequently changed its name to KIIB in August 2011. Pursuant to the Kenanga Group business plans for KIIB to become a fully operational Islamic fund management business, KIIB applied for and received its Islamic fund management licence from the SC in April 2012. KIIB is the Kenanga Group’s asset management arm focused on exclusively providing Shariah-compliant investment products to both domestic and regional markets. Effective 1 April 2013, KIIB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenanga Investors Berhad.

Fund that are managed:

  • Kenanga Sustainabiliy Series: Emergency Waqf Musa’adah Fund
  • Kenanga Global Islamic Fund
  • Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund
  • Kenanga Islamic Balanced Fund
  • Kenanga i-Enhanced Cash Fund
  • Kenanga Islamic Money Market Fund
  • Kenanga Shariah Growth Opportunities Fund 
  • Kenanga Ekuiti Islam Fund 
  • Kenanga Bon Islam Fund 
  • Kenanga Islamic Cash Fund 

Total Value of Unit Trust Funds under the Management of Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad: RM2.50 billion*
*Consolidated assets under management of Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad as of May 2023.