Smart Investor: The Art of Diversity
In this article by Smart Investor entitled “The Art of Diversity”, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kenanga Investors, Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, discusses the company’s impressive growth, and how the pandemic has impacted its fund management strategies. The firm’s success isn’t a singlehanded effort, however. Rather, De Alwis attributes it to the organisation’s capable and dynamic investment team as well as the diversity of ideas, strengths and competencies that come from the team. “Diversity is strength, and together, all of us have worked tirelessly to uphold our firm’s philosophy that is ‘Consistent Top Performance’ and ensure sustainability in what we do,” he reveals. De Alwis also touches on Kenanga Investors’ commitment to promote the financial planning agenda due to being in a position to influence distribution channels and investors. He aims to continue championing financial literacy and the need for proper wealth and financial planning to the public.