Kenanga Trustees Berhad

Imagine a future where every dream you've nurtured for your loved one flourishes, unhindered by life's unpredictability. At Kenanga Trustees, we make this vision a reality by safeguarding your wealth, ensuring it is managed according to your wishes, and creating a protective environment for your beneficiaries to secure their future.

Plan for a better world with Kenanga Trustees.

For Retail Clients

Gain access to will & wasiat writing services, along with other estate planning solutions, available at your fingertips now.

Explore our professional services:

>>  Kenanga Will Series

>>  Kenanga Wasiat Series

For Private Clients

Here you'll find one-on-one advisory and tailor-made solutions that specifically address your succession planning needs and objectives.

Explore our professional services:

- Establishment of Family Trust & Charitable Trust

- Trust Administration Services

- Will & Wasiat Writing Services

- Estate Administration Services

- Independent Advisory & Consultancy Services

- Liquidity Planning Solution

>>  Private Client Advisory Services

For Institutional/Corporate Clients

Professional escrow services and custodianship for institutional/corporate clients' corporate exercises or commercial transactions.

Explore our professional services:

- Professional Escrow Services

- Custodianship Services