Kenanga OnePRS Conservative Fund


NAV as 19 Apr 2024

-0.0010 (0%)

Daily Change

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks income* whilst providing capital preservation**

*Income distribution (if any) will be reinvested into the Fund.

** The Fund is neither a capital guaranteed fund nor a capital protected fund

Fund Category
Core Fund
Fund Type
Launch Date
Risk Profile
Base Currency
Performance Benchmark
A composite of All MGS Index (80%) and FBM 100 (20%).

Investor Profile
This Fund is suitable for Members who:
  • Seek capital preservation** of the invested capital; and/or 
  • Have low tolerance of investment risks. 
For Members under the Default Option who are 55 years old and above, their contributions will be allocated into this Fund. 
**The Fund is neither a capital guaranteed fund nor a capital protected fund.
Asset Allocation
  • Minimum 80% of the Fund’s NAV in fixed income instruments and money market instruments (with minimum 20% of the Fund’s NAV in money market instruments) and up to 5% of the Fund’s NAV in unrated fixed income instruments.
  • Maximum 20% of the Fund’s NAV in equities (with maximum of 10% of the Fund’s NAV in L&I Funds).
  • Up to 5% of the Fund’s NAV in liquid assets for liquidity purpose.
Fees & Charges
Entry Fee
Cash Investment: Up to 1.50% of NAV per Unit
Exit Fee
Switching Fee
Annual Management Fee
1.55% p.a. of the NAV
Annual Trustee Fee
0.015% p.a. of the NAV or a minimum fee of RM6,000 p.a. per Fund
Minimum initial investment
Lump sum: RM1,000 per Fund
Minimum Additional investment
RM100 per Fund
Other fees relating to the Funds

Transfer Fee (to another PRS Provider):

RM25 per transaction

PPA Account Opening Fee:


PPA Annual Fee:

RM8 p.a.

PPA Administration Fee (Charged to the Funds):

0.04% p.a. of NAV

PPA Transfer Fee:

RM25 per transaction

Fund Performance

As at 29 Feb 2024

1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearYear To DateSince Inception

Source: Lipper Investment Management

(Past performance is not indicative of future performance. This table is for information only and is not intended as solicitation for sales. Please read and understand the contents of the relevant Prospectus before investing. If in doubt please consult a professional adviser.)

1 Y
3 Y
5 Y
10 Y
Year To Date
Since Inception
Fund Document
Prospectus / Information Memorandum / Disclosure Document 22 Jan 2021
1st Supplemental Prospectus / Information Memorandum / Disclosure Document 29 Sep 2023
Product Highlights Sheet 29 Sep 2023
Fund Factsheet 01 Mar 2024
Financial Report
Financial - Annual Report 31 Jul 2023
Financial - Semi-Annual Report / Quarterly Report 31 Jan 2024