"Multi-Style" Investments Capabilities
Equity Investment Style
  • We are value-style stock pickers.
  • We believe by focusing on companies with strong fundamentals, we will be able to deliver returns superior to the index in the medium-to-longer term. We are benchmark agnostic but benchmark aware for the purpose of monitoring. We do not see indices as providing meaningful guidance to the prospects of a company or its inherent worth.
  • Our investment process seeks to exploit businesses with sustainable ROE and trade at a discount to their relative and / or intrinsic value.

Tenets of the Fixed Income Investment Philosophy
  • We adopt an active top-down investment approach to portfolio construction, taking into consideration global and domestic economic trends.
  • This is complemented by a rigorous credit selection process, to identify issuers with stable long-term cash flows, solid financial metrics and good corporate governance.
  • We seek to diversify our investments across sectors as well as individual securities to manage the risk profile of our investments.

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