Kenanga Retirement Investment Solutions
As a working individual, you will look forward to enjoying life after retirement. It would mean more leisure time, taking up hobbies you have always been interested in and planning your dream vacation. However, inflation, rising costs of healthcare and living expenses may become stumbling factors. It is best to prepare ahead of time so that you can combat these issues. Start early so that you will have enough accumulated to complement your existing mandatory retirement scheme. The key to having a good retirement is to achieve financial freedom.

Let us help you get there with Kenanga Retirement Investment Solutions.

Start early to ensure that you have enough money accumulated to complement your existing mandatory retirement scheme while you are working and enjoy a pension income stream during your retirement. For more peace of mind you will need a trust to fulfill your inheritance goals. The Trustee will execute your instructions as per your Trust Deed at the stipulated time, purpose and only for the defined beneficiary/ies and no creditors can claim to your assets.

Kenanga Retirement Investment Solutions include:


  • Standard or customisable investment portfolios using wholesale and unit trust funds including those that are approved under EPF Member's Investment Scheme.
  • Kenanga OnePRS Scheme and Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Scheme; voluntary private retirement schemes that give you tax advantage.
  • Use your disposable cash to make up for funding required for income replacement ratio at retirement.


  • Kenanga AMP Plus - active portfolio management service that aims to give you consistent potential returns.


  • Kenanga Investment Trust - a value-added option offered to Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB)'s customers who wish to make proper arrangement for the protection, preservation and provision of their investments with KIB.


  • When your retirement finally comes, it is time to enjoy the monies that you have accumulated! Also known as Decumulation phase, use our Regular Withdrawal Plan to get regular payments credited into your bank account. All you need to do is complete a form advising us the frequency and amount of payment! It is just that easy!
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