Active portfolio management service for potentially higher returns
  • Kenanga AMP Plus is an active portfolio management service where a Portfolio Manager does all the necessary monitoring - selecting, switching and rebalancing of your funds in order to enhance your investment returns.
  • This means we actively manage your cash investment when you subscribe our Actively Managed Portfolio (AMP) service.
  • Entry fee, annual management fee and annual trustee fee for the underlying funds in the respective portfolios will also apply.
  • With Kenanga AMP Plus service, you invest in a portfolio of approved funds which include those approved for EPF Members' Investment Withdrawal Scheme. We offer conventional and Shariah-compliant portfolios


More information on Kenanga AMP Plus service

* All fees and charges payable to the Manager and the Trustee are subject to the goods and services tax /sales and services tax/other taxes of similar nature as may be imposed by the government or other authorities from time to time.

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