Key Investment Team Members
Kenanga Investors Berhad
The investment management team is responsible to actively manage the Funds in accordance with the investment objective of the Funds and the provision of the Deed. The investment management team shall have discretionary authority over the investment of the Funds subject to the rules and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Chief Investment Officer, Ms Lee Sook Yee heads the investment management team. She is assisted by a team of investment management professionals.

The team will report on the investment strategy and performance of the Funds to the investment committee at monthly intervals for review.
Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad
Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB) has delegated the investment management functions for all their Shariah-compliant funds to Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad (KIIB), an Islamic fund management company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of KIB. KIIB shall manage, realize, invest, reinvest or deal with the Funds according to the respective objectives of the Shariah-compliant funds and requirements of the Shariah. KIIB will at all times act bona fide in the best interest and for the benefit of the funds and shall ensure that all investment transactions will be effected in accordance with the respective objectives of the Funds and requirements of the Shariah.

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