Key Data
Portfolio Name AMP 2 Ei
Portfolio objective To deliver consistent potential return through investments in Kenanga approved money market, fixed income and equity unit trust funds.
Portfolio Type Shariah-compliant
Portfolio Risk Profile Moderate
Investor Suitability

Suitable for investors who:

  • seek balance between security and capital growth
  • are able to tolerate moderate risks and short-term price fluctuation to realize long term gains
  • favour a balanced portfolio of Shariah-compliant equities and fixed income
  • require Shariah-compliant funds

Underlying Investments All Kenanga EPF approved Shariah-compliant funds
Entry Unit Trust Fund Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund
Asset Allocation Shariah-compliant Money Market/Fixed Income: Min 20%
Shariah-compliant Equities: Up to 80%
Performance target on a 5-year rolling Period 6% per annum
Benchmark 6% per annum
Portfolio risk

Our Actively Managed Portfolios invest in a portfolio of approved conventional (except Shariah AMP 2 and AMP 2 Ei portfolios) and Shariah-compliant funds. You are advised to refer to the relevant Prospectus(es) and consider the information on risks associated to with the underlying funds. The performance of the portfolio is dependent on the funds selected by the Portfolio Manager and the performance of each underlying fund. Active management and regular rebalancing of the portfolios may mitigate this risk.

Investors choose from generic portfolios based on their profile and risk-return expectation. The portfolio is not tailor-made for each investor. Any decisions made by the Portfolio Manager for the respective portfolios will apply to all investors. Fund allocation details are stipulated on our Investment Form. Information on the mix of funds in the respective portfolios is also available daily via the investor’s electronic account, accessible through

Transacting in Kenanga AMP Plus
Investment EPF
Minimum initial investment RM1,000
Minimum Top up Investment RM1,000
Regular Investment Mode N/A
Annual AMP Fee 0.75% p.a. calculated and accrued daily but payable on the 1st day of January and July or at the time of switching / transfer / redemption. The AMP Fee will be deducted from the investor’s portfolio.
Switching from Kenanga Standalone Funds to AMP Portfolio Switching from a lower entry fee to AMP will require the investor to pay the differential entry fee.
Switching from AMP Portfolio to Kenanga Standalone Funds Full redemption and reinvestment into Kenanga standalone funds at T+6 days. No sales charges will be charged when reinvesting into Kenanga standalone funds.
AMP Portfolio Switching & Transfer Fee N/A
Minimum AMP Portfolio Switching / Transfer N/A
Fees for Underlying Funds* N/A
Entry Fee Initial and additional investments: Up to 3.0% of NAV per unit.
Annual Management Fee

  • Balanced and equity funds: Up to 1.90% per annum of the NAV of the fund.
  • Money market/ Fixed income funds: Up to 1.00% per annum of the NAV of the fund.

* You are advised to refer to the relevant fund prospectus for information on other fees for the underlying funds.


  • In computing the annual management fee and annual trustee fee, the NAV of the Fund should include the management fee and the trustee fee for the relevant day.
  • All fees and charges payable to the Manager and the Trustee are subject to the goods and services tax /sales and services tax/other taxes of similar nature as may be imposed by the government or other authorities from time to time.
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