8 Reasons for Choosing Kenanga AMP Plus

1. Investing made easy

Kenanga AMP Plus is the one answer to your need for ongoing investment management to achieve long term potential consistent returns.

2. Active Portfolio Management

The performance of the portfolios is managed relative to market conditions and sentiments.

3. Portfolio Performance Management

The Portfolios seek to achieve potential consistent returns over a 5-year rolling period.

4. Portfolio Risk Management

Portfolio risks are diversified with a basket of funds. The portfolios have an in-built stop loss policy that aims to mitigate losses of the portfolios during volatile market downturns.

5. Choice of AMP Portfolios

There are choice of AMP portfolios to meet your investing needs and risk and return expectations.

6. Dedicated AMP Manager

A dedicated Portfolio Manager provides full time attention and focus on your portfolio actively managing and rebalancing to optimise the portfolios' performance.

7. Affordable Investment Amount

You can have your portfolio actively managed for an affordable sum.

Minimum initial investment :

  • AMP 1 - RM5,000
  • AMP 2 - RM5,000
  • Shariah AMP 2 - RM5,000
  • AMP 2E - RM1,000
  • AMP 2Ei - RM1,000

8. Easy 24/7 Portfolio Access

You can access your personal electronic AMP account to monitor your portfolio performance and transaction anytime anywhere.

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