Kenanga Cash Management Solutions Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

1. What is "Kenanga Cash Management Solutions"?

Kenanga Cash Management Solutions comprise of a range of short-term fixed income, money market and bond funds, managed by Kenanga Investors Berhad, which provides convenience, liquidity with potential income opportunities.

2. What kind of funds are suitable for corporate clients?

Depending on your investment objectives & requirements, Kenanga Investors Berhad offers the following funds:
  • Wholesale Money Market

    • Kenanga Principal Protected Income Fund, Kenanga Cash Fund and Kenanga Islamic Cash Fund
  • Money Market and Fixed income funds

    • Kenanga Cash Plus Fund, Kenanga Money Market Fund, Kenanga Islamic Money Market Fund and Kenanga i-Enhanced Cash Fund
  • Bond fund

    • Kenanga Income Plus Fund, Kenanga Bond Fund and Kenanga Bon Islam Fund

3. What documents do corporate clients need to submit for their investments?

You are required to submit a copy of your board resolutions, standard company documents (Form 24, Form 49, etc), photocopy ICs of the Directors and Authorized Signatories and the Opening Account Form.

4. How do corporate clients monitor their investments?

You will be able to access the website to view your investment status anytime. In addition, our Corporate Business Manager will provide updates on the fund performances and ad-hoc service requests.

5. How do corporate clients obtain more details?

You can provide your contact details in order for our Corporate Business Team to arrange for a meeting. For more details, your can contact Kenanga Investors at +603-2172 3000.

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