Kenanga Alternative Series: Structured Opportunities Fund


NAV as 11 Jul 2024

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Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide capital growth while preserving capital* over the medium** term. 

The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing primarily in structured products such as certificates, credit-linked notes, equity-linked notes or other similar products. The Fund may also invest in collective investment schemes, fixed income securities, money market instruments, equity and equity-related securities and deposits with financial institution.  

* Investors should note that the Fund is not capital guaranteed. The return of capital is subject to the credit and default risk of the issuers and/or the underlying reference of the Fund’s investments.

**“medium term” in this context refers to a period between one (1) year to three (3) years.
Fund Category
Mixed Assets (Wholesale Closed End)
Fund Type
Launch Date
Risk Profile
Base Currency
Performance Benchmark

Absolute return of 6% per annum in MYR before fees and expenses

Investor Profile

The Fund is suitable for Sophisticated Investors who:

  • have a high risk tolerance;
  • seek total return; and
  • have a medium term investment horizon.

Asset Allocation

Up to 100% of the Fund’s NAV in any of the permitted investments of the Fund.

Fees & Charges
Entry Fee

Up to 2.00% of the Offer Price

Exit Fee
Switching Fee
Not applicable.
Annual Management Fee

Up to 1.80% per annum of the Fund's NAV

Annual Trustee Fee

Up to 0.05% per annum of the Fund's NAV (excluding foreign sub-custodian fees and charges)

Minimum initial investment
RM50,000 or such other amount as the Manager may prescribe from time to time
Minimum Additional investment
RM10,000 or such other amount as the Manager may prescribe from time to time.
Fund Performance

As at 31 May 2024

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Source: Lipper Investment Management

(Past performance is not indicative of future performance. This table is for information only and is not intended as solicitation for sales. Please read and understand the contents of the relevant Prospectus before investing. If in doubt please consult a professional adviser.)

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Since Inception
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