Kenanga Investors Berhad ("KIB")

Kenanga Investors Berhad ("KIB") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, the largest independent investment bank by equity trading value and volume#. KIB is licensed to perform regulated activities of fund management dealing in securities (restricted to unit trusts), investment advice, financial planning, and dealing in Private Retirement Schemes ("PRS") under the Capital Markets and Services Act ("CMSA") 2007. KIB provides investment solutions ranging from collective investment schemes, portfolio management services as well as segregated private mandates and alternative investments for retail, corporate and institutional clients.

KIB prides itself on its reputation for its consistently top performing funds. At The Edge Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards 2018, KIB received the Best Equity Group (Islamic) award for the 2nd consecutive year. Its funds Kenanga Malaysian Inc. Fund and Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund were named Best Equity Malaysia (Provident) under the 3 years category and Best Equity Malaysia (Islamic) under the 10 years category respectively.

The Hong Kong-based Asia Asset Management's 2018 Best of the Best Awards awarded KIB under the Malaysia Best Pension Fund Manager. Meanwhile, its Chief Investment Officer Ms. Lee Sook Yee was named the 2018 Malaysia CIO of the Year (3rd consecutive year) and its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ismitz Matthew De Alwis was named the 2018 Malaysia CEO of the Year for the 2nd year running.

At the KWAP External Fund Manager Awards, KIB was awarded the Best Domestic Conventional Equity 2017 in its capacity as fund manager. More recently at the Recommended Unit Trusts Awards 2018/2019, Kenanga Growth Fund was recognised under the Core Equity – Malaysia category for the 9th consecutive year while Kenanga Balanced Fund had its inaugural win under the Balanced – Malaysia category.

For the second consecutive year, KIB was affirmed an investment manager rating of IMR-2 by Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad. The IMR rating on KIB reflects the fund management company’s well-established investment processes, sound risk management practices and strong operating track record. 

As at LPD*, the Management Company manages 26 unit trust funds, 2 private retirement scheme (consisting of 6 core funds and 1 non-core fund), 22 wholesale funds and other funds from government agencies, pension funds, insurance, corporate and individual clients with a total fund size of RM8.0 billion.

# year to date based on Bursa Malaysia's Participating Organisations Trading Summary.

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Kenanga Islamic Investors Berhad ("KIIB")

KIIB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenanga Investors Berhad. In line with the Kenanga Investors Group business plans for an Islamic fund management arm, KIIB applied for and received its Islamic fund management licence from the Securities Commission in April 2012. The company is licensed to perform regulated activities of fund management under the CMSA.

KIIB focused on exclusively providing Shariah-compliant investment products to both domestic and regional markets. The company provides Islamic investment solutions in portfolio management services and is currently the appointed external fund manager for Kenanga Investors’ designated Islamic mandates.

KIIB was also affirmed an investment manager rating of IMR-2 by Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad for the second year running. The rating reflects KIIB’s well-established investment management process, underpinned by its prudent risk management practice.

As at LPD*, the total asset under management of KIIB stands at approximately RM1.4 billion.

* LPD is defined as Latest Practicable Date which is 31 March 2018.
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