Key Investment Team Members
Kenanga Investors Berhad
The investment management team is responsible to actively manage the Funds in accordance with the investment objective of the Funds and the provision of the Deed. The investment management team shall have discretionary authority over the investment of the Funds subject to the rules and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Chief Investment Officer, Ms Lee Sook Yee heads the investment management team. She is assisted by a team of investment management professionals.

The team will report on the investment strategy and performance of the Funds to the investment committee at monthly intervals for review.
Lee Sook Yee, Chief Investment Officer

Lee Sook Yee joined Kenanga Investors Bhd as Chief Investment Officer in March 2013, bringing with her more than eighteen (18) years of experience in local and regional equities investment. Prior to this, Sook Yee was Head of Equities at Meridian Asset Management, where she managed various local and regional funds. Before joining Meridian, Sook Yee was Vice President/Senior Portfolio Manager at Credit-Suisse Asset Management in Singapore where she co-managed mutual funds focusing on emerging Asian markets. She was also Associate Director/ Portfolio Manager with UOB-OSK Asset Management.  

Sook Yee graduated with a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Economics from the London School of Economics, United Kingdom, and later obtained her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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