Most employees in Malaysia currently save for their retirement through an existing mandatory retirement savings scheme. However, recent studies have shown that their retirement funds are often exhausted within a short retirement period of three to five years. With an increasing life expectancy and rising standards of living, many find that their retirement funds are not enough to give them the retirement lifestyle they want and encounter financial difficulties when really they should be enjoying their golden years then.

To address this issue, the Malaysian Government introduced the voluntary Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) as an initiative to accelerate one's long-term retirement savings. Under PRS, an individual can plan for their retirement better by increasing their savings on a voluntary basis through various PRS funds, according to their risk and return profile.

In other words, you can now save even more money for your retirement to have a better and a financially secured future!

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OnePRS Toll Free Line: 1-300-88-1PRS (777)


Please read and understand the contents of the OnePRS Scheme Disclosure Document dated 20 November 2013 and Supplemental Disclosure Document (if any) before investing. The Disclosure Document and Supplemental Disclosure Document (if any) have been registered with the Securities Commission, who takes no responsibility for its contents. Units in the funds will only be issued upon receipt of application form and cheque. You should also consider the fees and charges involved. A copy of the Disclosure Document and Supplemental Disclosure Document (if any) can be obtained at our office or any of our authorized distributors. The price of units and distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up. The past performance of the funds under the OnePRS Scheme is not an indication of its future performance. Investment involves risks including a possible loss to the principal amount invested. Please refer to the Disclosure Document and Supplemental Disclosure Document (if any) for risk factors for investments in the Scheme. If you are in doubt when considering the investment or on any of the information provided, you are advised to consult a professional adviser.

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