Kenanga Balanced Fund
Kenanga Blue Chip Fund*
Kenanga Bond Fund
Kenanga BondEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra BondEXTRA Fund)
Kenanga Cash Fund
Kenanga Cash Plus Fund
Kenanga Diversified Fund*
Kenanga EquityEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra EquityEXTRA Fund)
Kenanga Growth Fund
Kenanga Growth Opportunities Fund*
Kenanga Income Plus Fund*
Kenanga Liquidity Fund (formerly known as Libra Liquidity Fund)
Kenanga Managed Growth Fund*
Kenanga MoneyEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra MoneyEXTRA Fund)
Kenanga Money Market Fund
Kenanga Premier Fund
Kenanga Principal Protected Income Fund
Kenanga TacticalEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra TacticalEXTRA Fund)
Kenanga i-Enhanced Cash Fund
Kenanga Amanah Saham Wanita (formerly known as Libra Amanah Saham Wanita)
Kenanga ASnitaBOND Fund (formerly known as Libra ASnitaBOND Fund)
Kenanga Bon Islam Fund*
Kenanga Dana Safa (formerly known as Libra Dana Safa Fund)
Kenanga Ekuiti Islam Fund*
Kenanga Islamic Balanced Fund
Kenanga Islamic Cash Fund
Kenanga Islamic Fund
Kenanga Islamic Money Market Fund
Kenanga SyariahEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra SyariahEXTRA Fund)
Kenanga Shariah Growth Opportunities Fund*
Kenanga Syariah Growth Fund
Kenanga ASEAN Tactical Total Return Fund**
Kenanga Asia Pacific Income Fund
Kenanga Asia Pacific Total Return Fund**
Kenanga AUD Alternative Income Fund 3 (AUD)
Kenanga AUD Alternative Income Fund 3 (MYR)
Kenanga Consumer and Leisure Asia Fund (formerly known as Libra Consumer and Leisure Asia Fund)**
Kenanga DividendEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra DividendEXTRA Fund)**
Kenanga Global Dividend Fund**
Kenanga Global Multi Asset Fund (USD)***
Kenanga Global Multi Asset Fund (MYR)***
Kenanga Global Opportunities Fund**
Kenanga Global Unicorn 1 (USD)
Kenanga Global Unicorn 1 (MYR)
Kenanga Global Unicorn 2 (MYR)
Kenanga Global Unicorn 2 (USD)
Kenanga Growth Fund Series 2 (MYR)
Kenanga Growth Fund Series 2 (USD)
Kenanga IncomeEXTRA Fund (formerly known as Libra IncomeEXTRA Fund)**
Kenanga Malaysian Inc Fund**
Kenanga Resource Equity Fund (formerly known as Libra Resource Equity Fund)**
Kenanga OnePRS Growth Fund
Kenanga OnePRS Moderate Fund
Kenanga OnePRS Conservative Fund
Kenanga OnePRS Shariah Equity Fund
Shariah OnePRS
Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Growth Fund
Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Moderate Fund
Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Conservative Fund

* Funds under Kenanga OneAnswer™ Investment Funds
** Prices of 1 preceding business day because markets are closed at different times.
*** Prices are updated every Wednesday of the week unless it is a New York public holiday then it will be the preceding business day in New York.

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